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Sticker remover

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HG Sticker Remover (0.3L)

  • A sticker remover which is easy to use
  • Can be used on virtually all surfaces
  • Removes sticker residue, sticker glue, sellotape in no time
  • A sticker glue remover which also removes tar and smear marks
  • A must-have item in any household

HG Sticker Remover is a sticker glue remover which does exactly what is says it does. It not only removes stickers – it removes them quickly and effortlessly. When it comes to removing sticker residue, there is only one real sticker remover: HG Sticker Remover. Not only does it remove stickers, it also works to remove sticker residue such as sellotape, tar, oil, scuff marks and many other problems from most surfaces.