Sab Trompette Parer Knife
Sab Trompette Parer Knife

Sab Trompette Parer Knife

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Thousands of professional chefs around the world have used nothing but Sabatier knives for decades. Experience the difference that Sabatier Trompette makes, an original Sabatier knife brand that guarantees exceptional quality at an affordable price.

Sabatier Trompette is manufactured to the exacting quality standards required by the Association for the Protection of the Sabatier Brand.


  • Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade
    Chefs are a tough bunch to please, so for a harder blade that's slower to blunt we put extra carbon in the alloy, allowing these knives to work extra hard at home too.
  • Precision Taper Ground Blade
    Tapering from the top of the blade to the cutting edge for effortless precision cutting, greater stability and durability.
  • Superbly Made 3 Rivet Handle
    It has a full stainless steel tang running through the whole length of the handle giving exceptional strength, resilience and control.
  • Protection of the Sabatier Brand
    Sabatier Trompette knives by Richardson Sheffield are manufactured to exacting quality standards in China. These standards are set by the Association for the Protection of the Sabatier Brand.
  • Dishwasher Safe
    Although we would always recommend handwashing our Sabatier Trompette knives, they are also safe to put in the dishwasher. Just remember to remove and hand dry your knives at the end of the rinse cycle, rather than leaving them overnight in a damp environment. If handwashing, please don't leave your knives to soak.
  • 25 Year Guarantee
    No quibbles guarantee on the workmanship and materials of the knives, we promise to repair or replace free of charge.