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  • The Prima Pasta Maker is ideal for making fresh homemade pasta, from spaghetti, tagliatelle and lasagne sheets to ravioli and tortellini. With an adjustable double cutter attachment for different pasta sizes, this traditional design has nine settings. Perfect for work tops and kitchen tops, the prima pasta maker has practical crack handle for loading pasta dough. This robust design has an strong mechanism for perfectly sized pasta
  • 9 Settings. Adjustable cutter attachment
  • Pasta width approx. 2-6.6mm, Pasta thickness approx. 0.5-3mm, Roller width/Dough with approx. 150mm
  • Easy to Use & Clean. The Prima Pasta Maker is normally operated by two people and is perfect for households that love pasta and Italian cuisine.  The Pasta Maker is also ideal for making noodle dough.
  • Size: 20.5cm x 20cm x 15.5cm approx