New Laser Paring Knife
New Laser Paring Knife

New Laser Paring Knife

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The blades cut effortlessly through all food, and how the micro-serration means the blade never loses its sharpness, ever! The never need sharpening technology means you'll have knives that work as good as new, always.

The soft grip handles allow you to use them comfortably and ergonomically. This Laser block offers something none of our other blocks can, a cook book/ smart device holder, affixed to the angled block.

Never again do you need to prop or adjust your recipes, just pop it on the knife block ledge and start cooking your favourite meals.

  • High Quality Stainless Steel
    Stays Sharper for longer and gives you the all-round lasting performance that you'd expect from Richardson Sheffield.
  • Pioneering Micro-Serration Technology
    Our 'Never Need Sharpening' blades have our ground-breaking laser technology on each blade.
  • Non-Slip, Soft Grip Handles
    Ergonomic and designed for comfort.
  • Angled Cook Book/ Device Holder
    Our first knife block with a small device shelf, allowing you to follow recipes with ease whilst cooking. Suitable to hold a thin recipe book or tablet device.
  • Dishwasher Safe
    Although we would always recommend handwashing our Laser knives, they are also safe to put in the dishwasher. Just remember to remove and hand dry your knives at the end of the rinse cycle, rather than leaving them overnight in a damp environment. If handwashing, please don't leave your knives to soak.