Manual Knife Sharpener
Manual Knife Sharpener
Manual Knife Sharpener

Manual Knife Sharpener

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Richardson Sheffield — Knife Sharpener

Most Draw Through Sharpeners only maintain the edge when sharp or new. However, they do have the advantage of giving the right angle for sharpening all of your blades, which makes them very popular.


 SIZE: 18.5cm H x 6cm W x 6cm D


This knife sharpener is very easy to keep your kitchen knives razor-sharp. Place the knife sharpener on a flat surface and run the kitchen knives along the hard sharpening cut. The knife sharpener has an anti-slip base, so it always stands firmly. The knife sharpener is not suitable for sharpening knives with a serrated blade and/or a coating.
The Richardson Sheffield brand guarantees high-quality innovative products. The brand’s designs are original and indispensable in today’s kitchen.